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Thursday, February 17, 2005


I've been busy on some other projects lately including some new research so I thought I would stir the pot with this.

The NHL has cancelled hockey season. Hoooraay! Yahoo! And while it may cause my Canadian citizenship to be revoked, it can stay cancelled as far as I'm concerned.

Sure I played hockey as a kid and used to watch it. But 'used to' is the operative term here. The last complete game of "pro" hockey I watched was the Russian team playing the Edmonton Oilers when Gretzky was still playing for the Oilers. That is the way hockey should be played. I tried to get back into the NHL after that series but just couldn't do it although I still watch the occasional international game.

Frankly the NHL product sucks. The interminable seasons, massive over expansion into non traditional markets and the goon squad hockey that became necessary to sell the game in those markets, greedy owners and players and monster egos have all contributed to what I see as the demise of the game. If the NHL came back as a 10 or 12 team league with a 6 month schedule, we might have a watchable product again. It might also have a beneficial effect on community based hockey as many of the undertalented NHL players moved back to the minor leagues.

Of course none of this is going to happen. There is too much greed and too many egos and too much negative local economic impact for that to occur. So the inferior game will likely continue on. In that case, I can only wish the owners and players a long and fruitless strike. Of course, I also have something else to cheer about - it's been several months, and will be several more, without having to put up with the terminally untalented Don Cherry. Hoooraay!


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